Inspiration and How to Thrive in Creativity

Inspiration and How to Thrive in Creativity


     What moves you? What keeps you thriving and going? What inspires you? Inspiration is everywhere. It’s in the coffee you drink first thing in the morning, it’s in the laughter of your child, it’s in the smile of someone you love, it’s in the words of someone fighting for what they believe in, it’s in a song, it’s in a painting, it’s in a book. What’s the silver lining in COVID-19? Slowing down to see the beauty and inspiration around us.

     Personally speaking, I have to look constantly to find inspiration for what I do. Usually, I get to know someone. What they stand for, what they believe in, what their passion is. As soon as I find this out, the creativity stirs in my mind creating an image that perfectly portrays what they stand for. What does that mean? It means there’s always a process when it comes to creativity, inspiration, and creation. Here are some tips to find inspiration:

  1. Become part of a community. It’s proven that if you surround yourself with people with the same belief system and passions, your motivation and inspiration are lifted. Think of it as your wingman. Surround yourself with people that will keep you on track and accountable. Remember, be humble and remain teachable.
  2. On the contrary, challenge yourself and reach out to someone completely different. Think about it this way; we are all created equal and it’s our differences that make life beautiful. Get to learn about someone’s background and experiences. Try to see life from their point of view and remain open-minded. This world would be boring and void of growth if not. Use those inspirations to grow not only your creative side but your mindset.
  3. Look around at different styles. You may thrive in one style, but take a look around, and you’ll see the beauty in something out of your ordinary. Do you like working with geometrical patterns? Why not try a minimalistic approach and see where it takes you? Get inspiration in unexpected places.
  4. Travel whenever possible. It may sound cliche, but it will change your world to see the world. Inspiration lies in places not yet discovered. Open your world to different cultures and ways of life. It’ll create a whole new type of inspiration when you leap out of your comfort zones.
  5. On the contrary, look at what surrounds you every day. What’s this mean? Look at things you may never notice on a normal basis. Look at things from a different perspective, angle, or from the other side. You may strike curiosities that may not have been there before by just appreciating what surrounds you every day.

    Once you find inspiration, it’s easy to get sucked in and eventually slack off in the motivation department. It’s amazing to find new inspiration and to get that initial excitement to move forward with your creativity, but how do you stay focused and thrive in it?

     The number one thing to keep in mind about being creative and thriving is to BE YOURSELF. Even when you’re designing something for someone else, you have your own style, you have your own unique way of making someone else’s dreams come to life. Embrace that!

     Another thing to remember is to not burn yourself out. It’s so easy to get sucked into a wormhole of creativity, especially when you love what you do! Treat it like your day job; take small breaks and even walk away for an hour or so. I’ve had so many designs that I couldn’t get just right after hours working on it, walked away for a while, and when I came back with fresh eyes I got so much more inspiration and ideas! When you burnout, your brain, and eyes get tired, which means your creative juices aren’t flowing at the rate they should be. It’s okay to take a while on a design.

     Remember perfection isn’t the goal. This goes hand in hand with not burning yourself out. There are so many times I would zoom in to pixel size and literally take a 1 px size brush to get something JUST right. The truth is, no one would have even noticed that small blemish with the naked eye. What can I say, I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times. The truth is; you’re your own worst critic and it can lead a perfectly good design to something over-thought.

     The best thing to remember about creativity is to HAVE FUN! Be yourself, let your mind open up, relax, and put your heart into everything you do. God gifted you with your talent for a reason; embrace it and make the world beautiful! 

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